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Episode 006: Hands Gone M.I.A.

What else is there to say that we, and this collage of SB46 moments, don't say here? It's Wins+Losses, Episode 006, the Super Bowl aftermath. You know Collin is a Patriots fan, you know Henry is a Giants fan. This was recorded on Monday, in the immediate aftermath of Madonna's halftime show, Eli's MVP win, and it's a stylus, not a pen. 

Apple's iTunes Match:

iTunes Match replacing some explicit rap songs with censored versions, Apple working on a fix [verge]

Super Bowl halftime show:

Super Bowl Halftime Show: M.I.A. Gives America The Middle Finger [big lead sports]

Samsung's Galaxy Note Phone:

Samsung Mobile USA - Thing Called Love [youtube]

New England's Receivers:

Gisele defends Brady, rips Patriots receivers [chicago tribune]

Ron Artest & #WorldPeace

Rotfl!! Lmao!!! Super Bowl World Peace!!!!! - @MettaWorldPeace [twitter]

The Avengers movie:

The Avengers - Extended Super Bowl Spot [youtube]

The Giants:

I'm thinking Giants 21-17. - @WithAPassion [twitter]

After Giants’ Surreal Touchdown, Debates on the Strategy [nyt]

Was That the Best Super Bowl Ever? [nymag]

Eli Manning, Destroyer of Worlds [nymag] 

Internet Brilliance of the Week:


A Slowed Down Nicki Minaj Sounds Very Similar To Jay-Z [complex]

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