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It's our hashtag, and the first social networking idea we're letting out of the lab. If there are some Wins or Losses going down across these wide Internets, this is how we'll tag it.

So drop the hashtag on the end and join the converstaion. If it's good enough, we'll RT it, and it will be displayed here on the site.


Wins + Losses, The Long Delayed Hiatus Announcement

So, and I'm surprised that this may come as a surprise, but we're on what you might call a permanent hiatus due to scheduling issues.

Originally, the joke was going to be that the Chris Brown-centric Grammys broke our ability to decide on these topics. But how could he, when he's a walking Loss.

That out of the way, we encourage you to support Wins + Losses by voting for in the Webby's for The Redemption of Mike Danton Feature, which Collin worked on. You can vote by clicking on that link.

Thank you for the help, and all the best,

Henry & Collin


Episode 006: Hands Gone M.I.A.

What else is there to say that we don't say here? It's Wins+Losses, Episode 006, the Super Bowl aftermath. You know Collin is a Patriots fan, you know Henry is a Giants fan. This was recorded on Monday, in the immediate aftermath of Madonna's halftime show, Eli's MVP win, and it's a stylus, not a pen.

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Episode 005: Ferris, PEOPLE CAN SEE YOU!

Can you believe it's already been one month you've been with us, The Wins + Losses podcast? Time flies when you're grading the world. That being said, this is a very special episode. We have reached the end of Week 4, which means that we have also reached the end of January, so we're going to examine the month that was, weighted especially by the past week. We also have a guest here today, Sports Illustrated/'s Pablo Torre! without further ado: The Show, and what you really come here for, The Links!

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Episode 004: The Adorkable Life with Kim [Dotcom] & Zooey

And now it's time for another week of the Wins+Losses Podcast, in which Collin [a Patriots fan] and Henry [a Giants fan], participate in a fairly agreeable conversation. For our fourth episode, covering the week of January 18–24, 2012, we've a Presidentially-Approved "It" Girl, Kim Dotcom, and transparent views of idiocy on the internet.

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Episode 003: Gronk Out With Your Globes Out

Fresh off of a weekend of amazing football (although Collin's cringes wouldn't lead you to believe that), this is the Wins+Losses Podcast: Episode 003, covering the week of January 11–17, 2012. For our third episode, we've got This Year's Ashlee Simpson, the NFL descending into a Helmet-Catches-Only sport, and a man who owns outer space. Click through for links and the MP3.

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